Meet our doctors

Our institute pays special attention to selecting the best specialists, ensuring high-quality care for our residents. The professional training of our doctors covers a wide range of therapeutic needs arising at the Institute.

Aniko Gabnai, M.D.
Aniko Gabnai, M.D. Neurologist
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Piroska Nadudvari, M.D.
Piroska Nadudvari, M.D.Anestesiologist
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Zsuzsa Molnar, M.D.
Zsuzsa Molnar, M.D.Radiologist
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Pal Brasnyo, M.D. Ph.D.
Pal Brasnyo, M.D. Ph.D.Diabetologist, Nephrologist
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Tamas E. Nadasy, M.D.
Tamas E. Nadasy, M.D.Cardiologist
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